The FLEX Program


What is FLEX?


FLEX is an evidence-informed motivational fitness coaching program that combines physical activity with Motivational Interviewing. FLEX offers a coaching program to help clients achieve not only physical fitness goals but also goals related to other behavior changes.

Who is FLEX for?

While everyone can benefit from FLEX, the program has been specifically tailored for younger and older adults with chronic medical conditions, substance abuse problems, and mental health concerns.  We are currently adapting FLEX to promote successful offender re-entry.

Who delivers FLEX?

Existing staff in your agency can be trained to deliver FLEX.  The only pre-requisites are an ability to be trained in MI and a passion for physical activity. Your staff will be trained by a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers who is also a certified personal trainer.

Where is FLEX delivered?

FLEX was originally developed as a home-based program to increase accessibility for hard-to-reach populations.  However, FLEX may be adapted to an agency setting for an individual or a group and can also be provided in a fitness center or studio.

What happens in the first few sessions?

In the first session, we will talk to clients to identify two goals: one related to physical fitness, and one related to another area of fitness that is a priority for you (e.g., nutrition, smoking, anger management, meditation, vocational training, alcohol use, medication adherence).   The research and our own experience confirm that two behavior changes is a good place to start. We will then do a fitness assessment so we can track goals.

In the second session, we will run through the workout (a combination of efficient cardiovascular training, resistance bands, and yoga stretches) and make a plan to monitor the two target behaviors. After that FLEX sessions will include a check-in on goals and logging assignments, a complete workout, and motivational interviewing to boost intrinsic motivation and develop a realistic plan for the week.  Sessions are conducted in the convenience of your home. If you are interested in meeting your coach at a gym, we can bring you to Planet Fitness and utilize the machines for the same workout program. 

How can I find out more?

For more information, contact Maurice Bulls at (313) 269-6721 or