Meet the BCC Staff

Maurice Bulls, M.Ed

Nikki Cockern, Ph.D., LLP

Nikki Cockern, Ph.D., LLP


Lead Trainer and FLEX Program Founder 

Mr. Maurice Bulls M.Ed., serves as lead trainer, program developer and MI coach. He is an active member in the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers.  His current focus is on adapting MI to map on to the language of minority clients and staff. Mr. Bulls' graduate work focused on cooperative learning, an evidence-based system for teaching students in small group settings, using highly specified instructional strategies to encourage students to work together in teams towards a common goal while helping each other learn. He has expanded our MI workshops to incorporate these strategies as well as fun, interactive training activities.  In addition, Mr. Bulls has over 22 years of experience in inner city school settings and has been involved in manual development for new interventions.  He is the developer and founder of the BCC Flex program, which integrates MI with skills training and physical activity with promising results.

Nikki Cockern, Ph.D., LLP

Nikki Cockern, Ph.D., LLP

Nikki Cockern, Ph.D., LLP



Salome Nicole Cockern (Nikki) is a pediatric psychologist and assistant professor at Wayne State

University, with extensive experience implementing health behavior change interventions for

adolescents and young adults. She is the psychologist and lifeline in the adolescent HIV clinic in Detroit,

MI, and has provided clinical supervision for several research projects including Healthy Choices

targeting youth living with HIV, We Test, and the Young Men’s Health Project targeting risk behaviors

and PrEP (HIV prevention medication) initiation in young men who have sex with men. She has been a

member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) since 2004 and uses MI in clinical

practice with youth in the areas of adherence, substance use, mental illness, partner violence, coping

and risk reduction. In addition to supervising intervention staff on several clinical research trials, she

actively trains staff in various community and state agencies, as well as train and supervise residents and

other medical professionals and community health workers in MI.