“This was one of the most useful trainings I have ever had or attended, great!”

“I was super impressed by this training and the content, I’ve never been in any training that kept me so engaged, motivated to apply, and interested. Maurice is an excellent trainer!”

“Maurice was excellent. I got more out of his training than the college course I paid for on the subject.”


“I am not a training person, in fact I hate training. Maurice is hands down the best trainer I’ve ever experienced. I enjoyed every aspect of this training and am so grateful my staff and I were given this opportunity.”

“I got more out of this than I could have imagined. I’m excited about this study and about the potential changes COPE can make. To whom it may concern: Maurice is awesome, he engaged this entire room. Everything about what he did and how he did it was right on.”


“I have been to many MI trainings over the years, this was BY FAR the best. All other trainings were more scholastic and dictative per se...This session was collaborative as well as knowledgeable without coming across as dictative. I came in skeptical but was very impressed and feel confident that this can be rolled out successfully in our agency.”

“I came to this training not looking forward to it as it was a ‘forced’ training but, Maurice made the training engaging and fun. I’m leaving the training with more knowledge of MI and motivation to try MI in sessions.”